'Felicity offers an in-depth understanding of how the media works'

Felicity Cowie at work as a media relations troubleshooter for leading organisations

Why does media coverage matter for businesses?


Independent endorsement from journalists wins you credible attention and a larger audience. Media coverage cuts through noise and delivers pipelines.

What is media relations?

Media relations is simply a process for working with journalists to get unpaid news coverage for any business. However ...

to reach 
your audience you need to go via
journalists who are under no obligation to do what you ask. Newsrooms use different processes from business to gather and share information. So you don't just need a good story, you need to know how to collaborate with journalists to share it. And if you want to communicate the essence of your business you need to be able to do this directly.

Felicity Cowie

Who is The Media Relations Coach?

Hello! I've successfully helped world-leading businesses pitch and win 1000s of pieces of positive media coverage. Before that, I was pitched at least 100,000 story ideas during 15 years as a journalist.


I know both sides of the pitching process and what cuts through.

My name is Felicity Cowie and I'm a media relations troubleshooter for some of the world’s leading organisations and an award-winning former journalist.


I worked as a producer on the BBC's main news planning desk and won two Royal Television Society Awards for my teamwork.


Find out about what I got up to there, as covered by BBC 100

Felicity Cowie BBC and NUJ passes
Felicity Cowie featured on BBC 100

When is the right time for us to work together?

There's a lot of advice and many suppliers out there to help you secure coverage for one 'big' story. But the better way to gain ongoing positive media exposure is to become an authority by learning enough yourself, as a founder, about how to share your own fundamental and evolving business strategy and wins with journalists and without barriers. All my work empowers you to get media-ready from today so you can safely generate positive exposure from the early days and through the rollercoaster life of your business. 

Felicity Cowie online coaching
Felicity Cowie

How will The Media Relations Coach grow my business?

I can help you and your business get ready to work with journalists in lots of ways. I offer these services:



I coach founders and leaders who want to prepare themselves and their businesses to work with journalists. Sessions set a course, support implementation and offer accountability and an ongoing sounding board. 

My interactive sessions can be tailored to your own organisation and offered as personal development for groups of your people, included in your own conferences or away days or delivered 1:1. Online and in person both available.

Explore upcoming opportunities here

You can book me to speak on subjects like:

  • How journalists work and think

  • The sources and stories journalists are looking for

  • How to make your business irresistible to journalists

I implement media relations directly for a small number of clients

every year (waitlist).


I am the author of two books on media relations:

Exposure front cover
50 Mighty Words front cover

It costs you nothing to find out more about any of my services