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Article in Global Entrepreneur (June 2022) Read

Interview with TechSPARK about media relations, especially for founders (June 2022) CLICK PLAYER TO WATCH

Exposure: Insider Secrets to Make Your Business a Go-To Authority for Journalists was published 14 June 2022. The launch event was held at Waterstones Bristol Galleries on 27 June 2022. If you wish to review it for a media outlet please get in touch 

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Interview with StartupNation (June 2022) Read

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Podcast episode with The Unnoticed Entrepreneur about media relations (June 2022) Listen

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Interview with Business Leader about media relations (June 2022) Read

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Interview with Business Plus about the main benefits of media coverage (June 2022) Read

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Blog by Peter Sands (June 2022) Read

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Listen to Felicity give her top advice about how to work with journalists in her interview on The Extraordinary Business Book Club with the publisher of Exposure, Alison Jones of Practical Inspiration Publishing (June 2022) Listen

Sparkies longlist Felicity Cowie

Longlisted for the Sparkies 2022 as The Media Relations Coach (May 2022)

Felicity Cowie on cover of Authority Magazine with Seth Godin

Interview in Authority Magazine (May 2022) Read

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Guest blog for Lionesses of Africa (May 2022) Read

Felicity Cowie guest blog for Entrepreneur's Handbook

Guest blog for Entrepreneur's Handbook - other guest bloggers include Ev Williams (Co-Founder of Twitter) and Marc Randolph (Co-Founder of Netflix) (May 2022) Read

Review of Exposure by Felicity Cowie by Melanie Hawken from Lionesses of Africa

REVIEW: 'If you are serious about harnessing the real power of media relations for your business and yourself as an entrepreneur thought leader, then Exposure is a must read.' - Melanie Hawken, Founder and CEO, Lionesses of Africa/Lioness Weekender (May 2022) Read

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Guest blog for techSPARK (May 2022) Read

Interview with Felicity Cowie by PRontheGO about Exposure

Interview with PRontheGO (May 2022) Read

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Article in Business Age (September 2022) Read