Embedding exceptional communication behaviours in your leadership and between your teams and stakeholders gives your business a powerful competitive advantage. And if you are an organisation which impacts many people, you are open to media scrutiny; journalists will tell your story and expect access to a named spokesperson. You can decide what that story will be with my support.

All my proven services are tailored to your business so that you get what YOU need from my extensive experience as a breaking news and investigative journalist for BBC News and Panorama, then communications trainer and troubleshooter for some of the world's leading organisations. I work with a variety of sectors using my unique 50 Mighty Words® framework. 

communications training

Accelerating how you and your teams share core information.


My communications training helps you:

  • Identify and articulate core messages and updates in a clear and engaging way

  • Get everybody on the same page fast via my 50 Mighty Words® framework

  • Improve the cascade of information

  • Avoid communication failures with a diagnostic framework which identifies potential misunderstandings and conflicts, helping grow radical candour

  • Upskill your leadership teams with practical communication modules for your learning & development programmes

What clients say:

'Felicity has real skill in being able to formulate and ask the right questions and flair in translating complex information into easily understandable messaging.'

media relations training

Growing and protecting your business reputation.

My media relations training helps you:

  • Identify the right spokesperson for your business

  • Identify and articulate your key messages in a few words, with proof points

  • Gain insights into likely competing media narratives and how to navigate them

  • Rehearse interviews to build broadcasting skills and confidence

  • Stress-test your business functions with bespoke crisis communications exercises featuring realistic media challenges

What clients say:

'Felicity offers an in-depth understanding of how the media works.'

tools & speaking

For people who want to DIY their communications and media relations training I offer books and am available to book as a speaker. My newsletter releases dates for when I hold my own events.


My book:


Exposure: Insider Secrets to Make Your Business a Go-To Authority for Journalists.

A toolkit for every business founder, leader or media relations practitioner - my proven tips and tactics to get great coverage for under £15/$15

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